No Pilot/ATC Sound

Here I am quite bewildered. Since I got this new device late yesterday why the voice pilot and ATC when Live does not read?
Here is my settings:
what added to my confusion: A few days after I played Live on my new device, the Sound could sound and then the next day disappeared until this very moment.

Current Device Specification

Name : Vivo Y93
Operation System: Android 8.1.0
Anything to add?


How do things look in the app? If you go to Settings > General and then check the voice settings.

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Ok let me see if i already checked it or no :) …

Im sorry, but what do you mean General ?😉

Sometimes on my device the ATC sound goes. To fix it I have to go to IF settings > live and tap which pilot voice I’d like. This sorta ‘wakes up’ the voice agent. Perhaps try that also?

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The general tab in the settings in Infinite Flight.

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Not yet, let me try.

Wait ? So, for example i choose the “United Kingdom” sound in the settings of the TTS should also be the same?

Ohh… Im sorry My fault :)

Shoot… it’s under the Live-tab as @A_Hippopotamus said. Not General…

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Okay so spawn in, go to menu > settings > live > ‘Pilot voice’ (default voice will work too) and choose any of the voices. Tapping one should play the sample sound - “this is a test message” on Apple, but might be different for you. If a sound plays, you should be good to go.

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By tapping the “Play” Button above? (First post)

Where is says "(English United Kingdom)#11… Try changing that?


Is the volume up on the Audio tab for ATC inside the IF app


Oh I didn’t even think about that 😂

Yes, automatically the app said that but during doesn’t read

Yes, he’s says "This is test messages". And i have tried to changing that some sound selection says in same ascend

Yes, Fully Right side

Is your ringer set to silent?

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@Trio, Negative. I didn’t set to Silent (Except on School) :)

Could you hit the gear button on the “preferred engine” and take a screenshot of that page that pops up?

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Maybe also the page for the “Settings for Google text to speech engine”.

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This one?

Yup, I’m just googling solutions. One sec.

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