No phone sign button

As you know, it prevents the use of phones and wireless devices at the time of take-off and landing, but it allows when the plane reaches the final altitude and when the plane exits the runway after landing, so I think that this feature will add more fun during flights


Am I the only one that has never seen this 🗿


Definitely not 😂

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I hope you see it soon 😂

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I have never seen this IRL. Is this something that just doesn’t exist in America apparently? 😂 Considering I use my phone the entire flight


I saw it in Turkish Airlines

Oh it’s not real, that’s why we’ve never seen it🗿

I recommend doing some research before posting…


Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song plays


And I’ve seen it many times when I travel

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Well considering neither of those are your pictures, how can you be sure? They look like mock-ups to me.

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Yeah I’ve only seen Seatbelt signs and No smoking signs.


You can call all airlines managers and ask them about that 🚶‍♂️😂

I will be on the phone shortly.


Don’t need to call them because I’ve seen that they don’t have it 💀

Have you done what you just suggested?

That second link you gave us in a reply, that looks like a stock image with no context at all.

And as for the Samsung one, as far as I am aware, not one of Samsung’s new devices can do this.

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But i sow it 😑

Tell me, when exactly have you seen this, do you remember what flight is was?

You found the three pictures on all of the internet, I’m sure if it was real then there would be more than three.

Idk about this one chief, I’m gonna say it’s cap 🧢


Airline and Aircraft?