No paused game memory problem

I have been playing infinite Flight for over a year, after my yearly subscription passed on December 14th, I have not played the game because I have things going on.

When I came back to the game my stats are going down because I do not have IF Pro. This needs to stop because some people (who had IF Pro) and subscription passed can’t get anymore Landings because all they have is solo mode and grade level will drop.

I’m not sure if this is for only me but, when someone(s) subscription has passed, they’re stats must be paused. Due to the fact they can’t get anymore landings, they couldn’t get anything.

Thank you, sorry for long rant, I just want to know if this is a problem for only me? Or if no one has paused stats? There should be paused stats if that person does NOT have a Pro subscription, once they have had one.

Thank you once more


I disagree. The only thing that changes is your landing count. Your XP and flight time stays the same. You probably won’t drop below Grade 3 and if you do you’ll reach it again with a single flight. So you’ll still be able to access Expert Server. Your grade starting at Grade 3 does not represent your skill. Your XP does. And that won’t change.

I was in the same situation. I was Grade 5 now I’m back to Grade 3. That doesn’t change how I fly. It’s literally just the color of your nametag which changes.


Well, they couldn’t get on any server to get landings. I have dropped from grade level 4 to grade 3 because of my stats not being paused. IF they were absolutely paused and could not change, there would be no problem with people who have had a subscription of any type, and could not get any landings, therefore grade level will be dropped(just like how my grade level went down a grade).
Thank you for responding

All I want to have ALL stats paused after I had my subscription because I don’t want to work more and more just for not having and active subscription.

Plus, in some virtual Airlines/groups you must be at grade 4 or 5.

Yeah and why shouldn’t that be fair? If someone with a paid subscription doesn’t fly, his or her grade will drop. If you don’t have a subscription it’s the same way. You would basically punish those who pay. If you don’t pay you don’t have the right to fly online and therefore you don’t have the right of working on your stats. So they will drop.

And as I said, why bother? You can still access Expert Server. It is just the color of your nametag that changes. Nothing more. You don’t even see this color when you’re flying. You don’t behave differently.

And VAs should watch on the XP instead of the Grade. As I said: You’re landing count in the last 90 days and therefore your grade doesn’t represent your skill.


You have a perfect point.
But, if I were at grade 3, and dropped to grade 2, I couldn’t go on expert server. Only training server. And what if that person couldn’t play IF after there subscription, because they have school or work problems to have. Would that be there fault?

The only stats that impact your grade when you take a break is your 90 day landings, 90 day flight time, and landings to violation ratio. These are the only time based stats.

Once you have enough XP for grade 3 for example, it will stay.

Yes your right. I’ll fix that. My bad. But I just don’t want to lose my grade level.

I have things going on in my life that are more important than IF. And those things must come first. I will definitely come back to the game and get the subscription back but, in the mean time. I do not want to lose my grade level because of that.

Look, I wasn’t flying for almost 4 or 5 months because of more important things. I dropped from Grade 5 to Grade 2. Within one or two flights I was back to Grade 3. So no problem getting back to the pros. Actually it’s not even that bad. If you don’t fly for so long that you’ll drop back to Grade 2, maybe a few training flights are not a bad idea before getting back to Expert. At the end of the day it’s just a number. Doesn’t matter whether you’re Grade 3 or 5. You can do exactly the same.

Okay, that is well said.
Thank you. You should be a lawyer! Hahahah

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