No pattern work allowed meaning.

Hello IFC!

I wanted to make this post to clear some things up, for those who don’t understand some aspects of the ATIS frequency. This mostly goes to all the Grade 3 pilots who are new in this server and doesn’t know what this mean.

When you request take off, you have 2 options. A departure or to remain in the pattern. Sometimes the “remaining in the pattern” option is unable. This is because the ATC selected to not allow it. This can be due to bad weather conditions, busy airspace, etc.

What should I do?

In these cases, you should depart as you wish (unless in the ATIS frequency says “Straight out departures only”. Then head to your destination.

What I should not do?

You shouldn’t depart and remain in the pattern, for example going downwind runway xx and then calling inbound. It would be the same thing and it is forbidden in this case.

This is a friendly reminder, as today I had to unable pattern work owing to a low visibility, and more than 3 aircraft departed and some minutes later requested inbound. We don’t want to ghost unnecessarily aircraft so please refrain from doing this :)

Have a safe flight!


This is well explained but there is already a topic for understanding atis commands.


Thank you for the input.

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Also please this message goes for everyone who doesn’t seem to give a little bit of importance to ATIS frequency. READ IT. It is important, not just for you pilots, but also for ATC. This saves us from sending unnecessary messages to you and other extended messages that can be skipped thanks to the ATIS and NOTAMs. If you don’t read them you are making us to lose time telling you to check ATIS for airfield information and so on, delaying everyone.

Thank you for paying attention next time for the ATIS! :)

(also it makes us less stressed so we don’t have to deal with “please fill flight plan before contacting ATC”)


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