No option to renew subscription after logging in

I want to renew my live subscription almost two years after I last used it. But it gives me an option to buy a pack only when I’m logged out. Once I log in it just says no active subscription. Is it supposed to be like that? Should I pay first (when logged out) and then log in to start playing live? Thanks in advance! :)

When you log into your account try clicking the “live” server and starting a flight, it should come up with a pop up to renew a sub like it did when I did that a week or so ago

Thanks for the reply. I tried doing that but it allows me to select flight and airport in live after logging in. Once I fly, it says no active subscription and gets disconnected. See screenshots below.

It doesn’t let you buy subscription from the profile page. You need to go back to the home page while you’re logged in. Press FLY ONLINE button, and it should give you the option to subscribe 👍

I did try that… I’ve attached a screenshot in a reply above… Let me know if there’s a way around it

Press FLY ONLINE on home screen and screenshot what it says there

Looks you already have an active subscription! Did you download IF from Play store? If so, go to Play store menu, subscriptions, and check the status of your subscription on there.


What version of Infinite Flight do you use, and where did you get it from? Your version is outdated.

If you purchased it from the App Store/Google Play, you will need to update the app, and if you downloaded it off a website of some sort then we cannot help.

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