No Ops

After controlling for 25 ish minutes on the Training Server I finished and I saw I had 0 Operations, please help me fix this.

Can’t see your ops until you become an IFATC. When you think you have 500 ops, contact a recruiter to confirm if you wish to join IFATC

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You only see your operations when you become IFATC on the expert server. To do so, read the following post and follow the instructions.

Make sure you read it fully and then contact a recruiter, with the required information and a recruiter will verify if you have the required amount of operations.


Are you an IFATC trainee? If so contact your recruiter, if not then you won’t see your Operations.

I think that you can’t actually see how many operations you have unless you are IFATC.

Doesn’t matter how many ops you do on the training serves, the number shown will be zero.
Only IFATC recruiters can see your actual ops.

Operations aren’t shown until you’re IFATC qualified.
They are counted though.