No one is really coming to my atc tracking

Hey guys, I have a tracking thread but I don’t get any traffic for some reason.I got some traffic to attend the first 2 times or so but since than i have reopened about 10 different times and no one came…

I can sense your frustration at this. I myself had issues when I had my tracking thread open. You won’t normally get traffic sometimes. Just stay open for at least 30 minutes - an hour and just keep being active. And you’ll get traffic in no time!


So your saying I should just wait for traffic instead of just closing after an hour or so

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It also depends on what time you open. Opening on weekends compared to weekdays has more traffic flow because more people are liable to joining.

That is not unusual and it’s nothing personal. Keep persevering. One day you will get really good traffic but most days you may get one or two…or non. Sitting for hours with no traffic is part of ATC as is having too much that you feel your head is going to explode. I wish I could give you better advice but it is really unpredictable. I would avoid the likes of EGLL and EHAM - you will always have traffic there but you won’t learn anything other than bad habits.

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If you open your thread again can you mention me ?
I will be happy to join and come to your controlling airport :)


You may see me testing people out at various times. I would have come along beforehand but school has started. So I do need to balance everything out a little more.
I’ll try pop around for the next ones.
Feel free to mention me :)

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Thx guys…i will try staying open for as long as possible next time:)

How I wish I’d know how to mention someone

To mention someone. Just use @Theirusername.

For example

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Do you want to come now…if you are free.i can control for a while now

Are you controlling anytime soon? I’ll gladly come by, I need some pattern work time

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Give me about 5 min I will open an airport
Just come to my tracking thread!

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Can you tag your thread?

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