No-one is coming to my ATC thread, why?

i am wondering why loads of people came to the first time i opened ATC using my thread and now nobody is!

thread: SPEEDBIRD101's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

People will come and go as they find the time to do so.

Sometimes you’ll have tons and other times you’ll have little to none. Just keep opening from time to time and traffic will make its way over to you :)

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It could be because people are busy and they may not see your thread. Remember to bump it up by letting people know you are open, and ask for permission to tag them. Every time you open, tag them so that they will be notified when you open.

There isn’t any particular reason. Try opening on peak-hours, so you can get more attention.

what is that?

what is that

Hours when many members are browsing throughout the community.

how do i do tho?

I would also suggest setting the following topic to Watching, so you can get notified when someone requests ATC services.

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Its simple really, attendance cant be forced. The reason my thread is successful is people enjoy my sessions, eventually people will come to your threads it just takes time :)


ok thanks!!

Another tip is change places go to interesting places all around the world don’t just stick with OMDB change it around and every once in a while open a place like TNCM just to keep attendees keen.

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FYI - You should not be randomly tagging people in an ATC topic. Just because they flew for you days ago does not mean they are committed to always flying for you when open. If someone is actively replying you can tag them but no need to tag them saying “Hey I am open again”. If they can fly for you they will. Many people are busy and get a lot of notifications.

There are a lot of people doing ATC so pilots are busy. Add to it people busy with the many events from people being home. Just stick with it and people will join.


ahh i am planning to go there soon

You can also mention that everyone is welcome to set your ATC thread to Watching, so they can get notified when you open.

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That was why I mentioned to ask for permission before doing so as some don’t mind the notifications.

Anyway, you can try what @Thomas_G said above, that helps too.


ok thanks!!!

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Hey I really like going to ATC tracking threads because giving feedback to someone else is actually one of the best ways of improving your own ATC skills so make sure to tag me when you are open again and I will try to stop by!


Every reply (like feedback etc) in the topic would notify them though, so it could be quite annoying.

I would recommend opening somewhere other than OMDB as places like Dubai, Heathrow, LA etc. are hotspots on the training server and are bound to attract trolls which may put people off from coming. Try opening somewhere different. Some suggestions are PGUM, PGUA, KSMF, LFBO.