No one in my events

Thx, I don’t really understand what you mean by the second point
And can you have a look at one of my events to make sure I have not made a mistake:

Also check the pinned event tutorial to help you make a more attractive event!


(second point:)

  • Also, it’s good to bump your event thread regularly but ensure that when you do bump your topic, your bumping it with something productive or necessary and not just for the sake of it.

“To bump a topic” means to write something into it so that the topic could be seen again by other people.
Because when you type into an existing topic thread, the topic appears again (or bumped up) to the top of the list, thus it gets noticed by IFC readers.

Some people just type “bump”, just so that the topic gets freshly updated and be seen again, but this is not allowed anymore (I’ve actually did it once🤫 I didn’t know).

What’s allowed: You may “bump” up your topic by writing something that you think is important to add.

Don’t give up making your event, you just gotta thought up something technically fun for all - and get known within the community by joining their events and being active in discussions too!
Hope that helps, cheers!

So it means to edit it, than it goes to the top of the list of events, than it is like the first events to be seen, right

And who said I am gonna give up, I don’t ever give up. I made this topic because I want more people in my event

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Sometimes it can depend on the time. Try to pick a time that lots of people are able to fly at.

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Also my event has 1 sign up and 130 views

Yeh, I changed the timings a bit

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Hi, you asked for feedback, so I’m thinking that your Notam there comes across as a little unwelcoming…there’s a slightly unfriendly tone, and the main thing for group flights is friendliness I guess.

Its great to want to celebrate your own birthday, but the appeal of that as a theme may be limited. I see that lots of people are attracted to events that mimic realworld aviation activities, commemerative routes, legacy liveries, pretend special events like transporting sports teams to the Olympics (for example).

Also I see that most people here enjoy simulating real world airline schedules, so if your routes are more fictional then that may impact interest.

Finally the 3D airports are now a major draw, and I suspect many people have lost interest in going into vast empty fields of tarmac and grass…such as Atlanta and Edmonton …🤔

Anyway, good luck and I hope you get more takeup for your events going forwards.


Oh ok, how could I make it more welcoming then, because I get super frustrated when 10 people sign up and only 2 come

I tried making the event timings in a way that it doesn’t cut through other events

Yeh, unless KATL gets added in 21.4 and it comes out soon

Like this …“So to make the departure go smoothly would everyone please wait for my message to pushback. And everyone is welcome, grab a gate, but if you find you cant make it, its a big help if you can let me know as early as possible, thanks”

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Thank you for helping me, I hope it helps

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And what about the UNICOM part

Your Atlanta - Edmonton event is hard for people to make it at those specific hours, because they need to be free to takeoff and land. Try like a fly-out where everyone chooses the length of their flights, so someone can do like a 1h flight and the other does a long haul.

That’s why you see fly-out mostly get the most attendees or fly-ins because people can base their schedule off their own time.

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Yeh, that makes sense. I made a group flight mainly because I first of all like group flights, and it will take me a long time to think of routes for a fly-out

For fly-outs I tend to use:


To help gather information for the fly-out. Check other events for future inspiration.

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Here’s something to help out with fly-out destinations and airlines from Atlanta Direct flights from Atlanta (ATL) - FlightConnections

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Yah, am I allowed to make it both

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