No one follows ATC instructions on training server

I do approach control at EGLL mostly, however almost 80% of the pilots do not follow the said instructions and follow their own routes. For better control of the airspace, I arrange them in such a sequence that it allows tower for departures as well but unfortunately some pilots take it so casually and disturb my pattern. For example, if i ask them to turn to a heading away from the airport for some spacing, then they turn back towards the airport without my approval. This is so unprofessional on training server. I know we can join IFATC for professional ATC procedures but i think Infinite Flight should also think of some way to reduce the training server mess.

Well this is training server u should expect a lot of trolls there. If I were you I would go into expert you will see a lot more realism and more serious pilots. As of now if your still in training fly to airports that trolls wouldn’t think of going

I know it’s frustrating but that is what the expert server is there for. It’s called the training server for a reason. I’d highly consider looking into IFATC :)

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I’d suggest hoing to a slightly less popular airport. Trolls tend to like these busy hubs because they irritate more people. Even changing to Gatwick from Heathrow may help.

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I feel you 😄 I had this moment too and I applied at IFATC :))

I recommend joining IFATC!

There’s a reason it’s called the “Training” server. It’s mostly the casual server but a bit more “strict”.

In all seriousness, I would fly on the expert server for a more “professional experience”.

PS, it’s not that much different, behavior wise of course, lol

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