No offline flying anymore....:(

I don’t know if this is the right place on the forum. Normally I don’t use fora. But I need to say my frustration. In the past I have bought all the planes and the regions. I was a huge amount of money, but I think it is worth the price. I love flying everywhere. Just without internet. But since IF suddenly updated with no warning that it will be only online I feel extremely sad. If I knew that I can only fly online I had never updated! I wish I could downgrade. Now my purchases feel like a waste of money. I would have never bought those if I knew that in the future I can’t use without internet. I am for more than 80 % offline so my favourite flying app is unfortunately of no special use anymore…:(

(sorry if this is placed two times, since I can’t find my first topic)


Wrong. Streaming has been confirmed for like a year.


It’s been repeated many times as nicochile said - terrain streaming was confirmed ages ago. It doesn’t need a topic, especially a support topic, so whilst I’m sorry that you don’t like the update, all things come at a cost…

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Yes guys. It has been confirmed on this forum, that a internet connection will be required.

HOWEVER, there is no obligation to check out this forum only because of your playing the game. And to be fair, there was no chance to know that there will be a internet connection required, if your not visiting this forum. There wasn‘t even the slightest information in the update description.

In my opinion, FDS did not communicate this requirement effective enough.


We have stated that a connection is required at the bottom of our description. Thanks!