(No offense) to people who are making global topics in the forum

(No offense) to the people who have made topics on global, but can you people please stop blowing up the forum about global, like “What is going to be your route in global” or (The most asked question) When is global coming out. Philippe clearly stated that "it will be done, when it’s done.I know there has been confusion a little bit about it like, "how much fuel would we need to know for curtain distances, or about the costing of live+.I know we are all excited about it and I am too.But just please don’t blow it up when it comes out, like with a thousand topics on global.


Technically this is another post about global…


This is just telling people to don’t blow up the form about global when it hasn’t even come yet.

Yes, but its not a speculation, or question about global. Its addressing an issue that affects everyone on the forum.

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I’m just OK with the fact that Global Flight will come, maybe not the next update, but it will come at some point!! And it will be paid.


I think it’s cool that people are so pumped about Global coming out in the future. When people are excited, they just automatically will talk / post more about it. In the end, the users are the ones that make updates possible… yes i know the developers do the ‘developing’, but it’s done with users purchasing a product. A great product by the way. As users numbers grow, so do annoying post… it just happens. However, I do wish people would do a simple search before posting.


If not next update I feel like many will be disappointed to be strung along yet again. Some may even give up on the platform until Global finally does ship.

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They said they’re focusing on Global right now but they also said that they will start making DC-10/MD-11 after the C-130 update. I call multitasking. Lel


A jack of all trades is a master of none.

All eyes are on the big prize.


There have been very little new posts about global until this


There has not been a rise in new threads about global , however there is normal continuation of mega global threads which is why it is always popping up at the top.

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You see this a pointless thread, you’re trying to stop the conversation but instead you’re creating more conversation. If you don’t like it, don’t read it