No noise when playing/

Hi, I started playing infinite flight today, and I can’t hear anything… I re-installed the app, re-launched, done everything you could do. I really need help as It’s just boring hearing nothing, and IM not sure what it is.

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Did you turn down the in-game sound?(SFXVolume in the Audio settings) Did you turn on silent mode? I’m not sure but these are just some suggestions :)

I don’t have silent mode, and no I didn’t.

Hmm that’s weird, we’ll see if more people can help!

Close you app then open Again but don’t fully close just leave and comeback

Tried that, nothing still.

Didyou get a call or use Siri or anything like that?

No, I don’t.

Can we start with some basics? What device do you have? :)

Apple iPad, I forgot the model, but I got about 3-2 years ago. On the newest IOS update.

Swipe down Control Center from the top right. 100% you have a red, highlighted bell icon there :)

I really don’t_

Try going into IF settings, more specifically to the Audio tab, and check that the Volume sliders aren’t at the far left.

I tried, nothing still.

Can you said a video. Also if you tried all these things it’s might not be a problem with IF it might me a problem with your ipad

I really don’t understand what a video would solve…

Is the audio working with other apps?

iPad’s working fine. YouTube is ok, and other apps. It’s just IF. And I don’t have a screen recorder

Hey sorry for the issue. Did you by any chance connect your audio to Bluetooth like AirPods and then disconnect them?

I don’t have Bluetooth on.

Dude, go to settings, then over to the control center, and add the options for screen recording, the big bell, the moon, etc.

Once added, swipe from the top right, and check if the red bell is ticked, or if the moon is blue, or if it’s on silent.

Remember the ways of our schools’ IT departments.

Turn it off, then turn it back on. Not IF, the device itself.

Try 2 things, hold the close button, and manually shut it down.

Or hold the home button along with the close button and restart.

As @Thunderbolt mentioned, check the audio tab as well.

He’s basically saying that if it works for you, his iPad has an allergy to IF’s audio.