No new aircraft and the support is not giving some attention...

I’m playing infinite flight for years. And yes, some very very nice updates were given in the last years. Like the online player-Worldwide!!!
-and some new aiecrafts and liverys from-generally big airlines like lufthansa, swiss, ryanair and other.

So i was asking the support via e-mail of they could bring up a Livery from Laudamotion- ryanair’s sister. They said: look into the forum, there you’ll get some reason why we will not bring up this livery.
Nice, i cant find an answer.

Next: The Boeing 737-200.
Nice, old aircraft wich is still in operation-but not produced anymore for some good reason.

There was an topic at 2018 over the 737-200. And infinite flight is not giving attention to this. I’m sorry for this bad english but i’m a bit worry about that.
The 737-200 would be very nice tor this game. This aircraft will bring some new airlines-like nolinor avation, a new engine (the pratt and whitney) and some new livery’s.

All information over this aircraft can get over the internet. All pictures over the liverys can get ober the internet.

Why is infinite flight not updating this aircraft??

And last but not least: why we have still no buildings??
It feels like infinite flight just wants our money.

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Hello Stelios & welcome to our great Community!

Being the one handling the Support email, these are the exact words from our reply to you regarding feature requests, which is not a “look here and you’ll see why we won’t” answer :)

Thank you for contacting support! Feature requests are not accepted through Support or by email. We have a system in place that allows all users to be heard and for features to be tracked. To support an existing feature request or make a new one, please join our Community Forum at After taking a brief period of time to bring up your new member trust level (detailed in your welcome email “Trust Levels”) you will be able to vote or set new requests, if not already opened.

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