No need for Concorde when you have a CCX

Not long ago I was looking to find which airplane in IF is the fastest. I’ve tested over 20 aircraft until I found the CCX. Not only does this plane meet Condcorde’s speed and altitude, it exceeds it by a significant amount!

Yea, that’s quite high and fast… It took me about 1hr to get to FL80 with a speed of Mach 3 and then the plane accelerated from there. If anyone has the time to repeat the test, see if you can go any faster than Mach 3.68. Quite surprising this plane can reach such speed and altitude.

Maybe the FDS Team needs to adjust the physics on the CCX as it surely can’t do that in real life.

Disclaimer: I know many of you want the Concorde - so do I, but I’m just saying you can achieve the same characteristics in game already.


Honestly, I don’t think that the CCX is the only aircraft in IF that can do that. It seems to have similar speeds and physics to the 737.


The physics have already been updated on it. They sneaked it in on the 787-update.

However, it would probably break apart way before you reach that speed. As would many of the other aircrafts if you fly too fast. But we don’t have that feature in IF, so that’s why it may seem “unrealistic”…


Just because you might not find something interesting doesn’t mean you have to bash on it…

Someone hold my cup while I laugh histerically


WoW didn’t know that it could go that fast !!! I think i’ll try out myself !

The Citation X’s published service ceiling is far below that. It’s maximum speed is M.92 which has been realistically adjusted for the next update to be more accurate.

For future reference, please provide an appropriate manual or source when suggesting changes to physics or capabilities. We constantly tweak aircraft physics but will never go outside of the envelope the manufacturer intended and defined.

Don’t worry, M.92 is plenty fast if you find the right tailwind. 😉


Oh, I’m not bashing it, I was just stating my opinion. Obviously something that cannot be handled anymore…I just think this topic is pointless, no real meaning. You can PM me if you wish to further talk.

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