No need for a full rework

first of all, when selecting the categorie i didn’t saw features so thats why its in general.

but what i wanted to say is, in my opinion we only need live cockpits. today i saw that ONE of the reasons that the game keeps crashing is because the 772 is the most detailled aircraft made yet for IF. what if we just dont do all the fancy door opening and fully detailled gear compartment stuff IF it prevents all sorts of glitches, bugs and crashes. for most not reworked planes in IF (not all) just a live cockpit is enough (a330, 340, crj-family etc…) and i also think it drastically reduces the time we have to wait before a plane comes out. of course, some planes need a complete overhaul but in a decent amount of cases a live cockpit is enough.

(This isnt meant to offend or disrespect anyone but i just think is a good idea).


What about the physics of the aircraft? Or the fuel burn issues, especially with the E-Jets and A340? And the horrific C17?


He said most, he acnowlaged the issues in the aircraft that could use more work

fair enough but those are things you can tweak for the most part, i just meant that all the fancy stuff like opening doors and full cabins isnt necessary if its drastically impacts the time it takes to release a plane

Which aircraft don’t need improvements to the physics though? Edit: oh, just saw your last reply, makes sense I guess

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I agree on the full cabins (unless it’s a small aircraft like the CRJ, then it doesn’t matter to me).

777 and A350

I meant, that don’t have a reworked cockpit

A lot of IF users would not be happy if details like those you mentioned were removed. In fact, there are loads in loads of IF users who are expecting more interior cabins and more detail on every aircraft. Either way, if IF were to remove details from aircraft, IF would then be a great disadvantage to compete with other mobile simulators. One of IF’s strongest features that helps them compete is their beautiful aircraft models with tons of detail. With all due respect, I can’t see that happening anytime soon.


crj, a330, b77F- b773, md-11, a340,

Yeah, I agree

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It would be cool if IF let us hide certain parts of the aircraft, for example the pilots I don’t want to be rendered for sake of performance.


The physics on the 757 and 767 are so bad, how can they only have a cockpit rework?

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sure, but now it takes around 5-6 months to release/rework an aircraft, if you could somehow just leave some things so it now only takes 2/3 months for a rework its much better.

Ok, let me rephtase
Which aircraft don’t need better physics that also don’t have live cockpits?

All the above need better physics.

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yeah i know but all in all just a live cockpit and reworked physics wont take 6 moths so if you only do the physics and cockpit it will be so much faster without missing crucial parts

From my perspective, the IF devs are trying to please their customers as much as possible. By adding more details, a lot of people would like it and by removing details and making reworks faster, people would like it but would eventually start complaining about the lack of detail.

I’m just going to politely disagree.

I personally haven’t experienced any crashing and almost no lag. The only people who I’ve seen getting these kinds of issues are the people using older devices. I don’t think IF should rush their aircraft and cut back on their quality so older devices can run better. I don’t want this sim to turn into RFS with their quantity over quality style aircraft. This sim has to evolve in order to succeed. There’s a reason why we have graphics options in the first place.


Exactly, quality is by far better. I’d rather have one amazing aircraft, than 60 okish aircraft


well, lets just add reworked physics and you would not have a waiting period of 6 months so if you could cut back some things or make a initial release with just better physics and a cockpit and a later full release it would still work