No nav data at MHPR

Device iPhone 13:
Operating system IOS 15 (i think):

So right now at MHPR, there’s zero visabitlity and as I was descent, there were no SIDS, STARS, to APPRs into Comayagua. I also noticed there aren’t a lot of waypoints in the MHPR area, even though there are in real life. Is this a issue with the Airport Editing side or the overall waypoint data?

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Also when you go to the procedures page it says “No Procedures for this Airport”

This could be because infinite flight sources its navigation data from navblue, a company owned by airbus. From my observations they update their public navigation database (the one not used by real life airlines) less often than for example navigraph. Therefore, my guess is that the version of navblue’s database infinite flight uses is outdated


They don’t use NAVBLUE anymore because they couldn’t afford it.

So what do they use???

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Hi, this is because MHPR was renamed in a recent update by an airport editor and the nav data was unlinked. We’ll look into this for a future update

Lol. Someone’s been reading too many gossip magazines.

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Written by your own mods apparently!

Feel free to send whatever you’ve seen about that to me :)

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