No mountain scenery

Flew a flight from Whitehorse to Calgary earlier today and noticed that the Yukon Territory‘s has no 3-D scenery right when you get to the border it starts back in British Columbia, i’ve tried restarting my device and still no luck,

Device:IPHONE 12 pro
Operating system:

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If you’re flying north of 60 degrees, you won’t be seeing any mountains or terrain due to how the earth is being rendered. For more information, take a look at this blog post.

A quick search of Whitehorse airport in Canada also shows that it is above 60 degrees north, meaning that there will be no terrain being rendered.


Is their any plans to fix this?

IF is limited in what they can do to fix this. Short of launching their own satellites in a polar orbit, all they can do is wait until there is a suitable source of topographic data which can be utilised in the sim.