No motivation

So over the past few weeks as I prep to head back to school I have started losing motivation for IF, I will want to do a flight, load it up start it and then end it cuz I do not feel like doing it. Has this happened to anyone else and if so how can I solve this? Thanks,



I feel you, sort of.

Right now I still love planes and love Infinite Flight, but I just got a job and just started school and keep forgetting because I have stuff to do.

I should take off in the morning and fly a long haul that lands when I get home from work if I can.

If you’re like me, you’ll find your motivation again soon enough. Keep flying ✈️


I honestly have nothing to do beside prep for school and when I am done I will often try and start a flight and then the cycle happens. just got to keep at it and I will get my passion back

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I feel you, this always makes me wonder if there will ever be away to fly while the app is in the background.

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Oh I understand you 100%

I think its because we feel that we’ve flown all the “fun” routes. This isnt true.

The way I usually go about it is I take a week or so off from the app and then return. Usually my motivation is there. I also watch flight videos about cool routes, so that also inspires me to fly.

Good luck!


This happens to me all the time. Sounds like you’re just burned out. If I were you, I would just take a break until you feel like playing again! Sounds like since you’re starting school soon it would be a perfect time for that anyway. In my experience, trying to force yourself to do flights just makes you less interested in doing them.


I would recommend just going and doing what you want. Don’t feel stuck to having to grind flights out for a VA. You can always just mess around with friends on the casual server.

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I just got home from vacation and I feel ya. I did like 2 flights and stuff at Oshkosh for about 20 minutes cuz of the airshow but other than that I wanted to enjoy my getaway. Because of that, I haven’t felt extremely motivated to do it. The only thing that is motivating me is the fact my subscription ends next week and only have a little time to enjoy it. That brings me to my next point. With school starting I can’t really do IF while I’m in school and I don’t get it during that time. You’ll get the motivation back. What helps me is looking in the IFC for flyouts or events and that makes me look forward to something!

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Yeha I find a lot that I’m starting a flight going through the procedures and everything and everytime I do a long haul something happened to ruin and and most of the flights I do end up being cancelled halfway. And it’s hard to keep grade 3 when I’m trying to multitask IFATC and IFAE


I have less motivation than you haven’t bought IF in months.

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I know that feeling quite well! Especially if you’re busy with all sorts of things. The biggest advice I can give you is maybe join others in group flights, join virtual airlines to make flying more fun and rewarding.

There are a lot of ways you can enjoy flying in infinite flight, you just have to see what fits you!

Let me know if this helped a bit, I’d love to see you in the skies sooner or later!


I can not emphasise this enough burnout sucks!

Unfortunately there isn’t really a way to get around it other than take a break from the activity in question. I’ve been going through it recently with VACenter, after a break I came back and found I was really enjoying making it, perhaps just do a few small flights in a few weeks or month(s).

Take it slowly so you don’t add to it.

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I used to get that feeling a lot…(1) i took a break for a month/2 …(2) i joined VAs and (3) started using flightaware to check scheduled flights in realtime and then i would join such flights’ some have layovers and stopovers of maybe an hour or more before hearding to its final destination…i would follow such and try to be on schedule as that specified realtime flight it all rejuvenated my infinite flight passion…

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Like many of the people here have said, a good way to find motivation is to take a short break and come back.

However, recently I have found that changing things up from my usual flights has really helped me enjoy playing more. For example, the vast majority of flights I have done on the 2ish years I’ve had IF have been airline flights. I started getting burned out so I have been doing a lot more GA flying recently as well as some military stuff too. To name a few things I flew a TBM from my home airport to Oshkosh, I flew the Mach loop a few times, and I did some island hopping in the Caribbean (St Maarten to Saba is a good one). I even did a little bit of controlling for the first time. Changing it up can really help bring back some motivation to play. Hope this helps!

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I know what you mean this happens to me all the time. Yesterday was the most recent time. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Thx for this tread

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I generally lose motivations for doing long haul flights and any flights more than 2 hours. So I do any flights less than 2 hours :)

You may try that to see, if you like it. Just fly to closest city :)

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Thanks everybody for the suggestions I am definitely gonna take a little IF break to help feel less burnt out and try out some new things


Pick shorter routes….to land or stop and go. Or longest routes to where Auto pilot would take care of it till it’s time for a decent.

This happened to me, so I just took a break

Same, sometimes I don’t fly for 2 weeks and then I think oh that flight would be cool and then I am back