No more sound

I now tried to do 2 long haul flights and in every one of them I suddenly had no more in-game sound after like 2 hours of flight. I know somebody already reported this bug but please go fix it. It is really annoying and takes away the fun.

if it was the SFX audio (aircraft sound) that disappeared then I have a solution in case it happens again

as surprising as it may sound, if it happens again, try overspeeding for a few seconds so you get the overspeed alarm, it should bring back the aircraft sound

I tried it the last this bug happened to me and it worked

Who actually gave this solution was a mod (I don’t remember which one of them) in another topic talking about this sound bug, so thank you whoever it was 😂


Hello there!

This is a known issue and the team is investigating it (it might be on Infinite Flight’s side or Apple’s). If you’re using some sort of Bluetooth device (AirPods, for example) on your device running Infinite Flight, disable Bluetooth on it see if that helps for the future. If you are not, then unfortunately there is nothing you can do as a fix at the moment. To get the sound back you’ll need to restart Infinite Flight, so unfortunately your sound is gone for your current flight.

Sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully this issue gets fixed soon.

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