No more interesting topics on the community

Seriously i am frustrated that on this community, mods close topics about a serious thing, liked by more than 60 person, then another topic about a global flight thing, just considered that make a similar topic as Global Flight are just ridiculous.

This community isn’t very interesting and degrading. This is why i like less, i talk less, i read less. Just annoying sometimes.

Yes this community isn’t very interesting.


But spoopy ghosts and mustaches help in some part.

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You’re also one of the guys doing boring topics…


I don’t really care

So… have a little empathy and actually do something. I make those tutorials and discussion posts once in a great while and they generate a lot of interest and debate. Sure, the last one got closed after a 100 post verbal fistfight, but still.

The mods do their job well and have reasons for doing what they need to do to keep this community civil. How do you think newcomers would feel if they come in and see duplicates and irrelevant posts?

Be the solution. Be creative. Be less username-posty of your undying love for that someone special.


I like his topics.


What’s the point of having 500 posts about global? Why do you even want to talk about global so much? When it comes out comes out, easy!

I think what makes the community boring are posts like ‘Is the X airport going to be in global?’ or ‘When does the global update come out?’ and similar and if the mods close them there is a reason, don’t you think?



@Leodhasach, Take no prisoners!


You keep doing your thing Bulba. Moustaches always help.

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Because regions and flat earth are so 1600.


Global is 2 miles away, it will bring some interesting stuff

Rotate, John P, and others who were interesting left us.

Doesn’t that really help that we lost almost all of our interesting members.

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They’re interesting to me…

Still too far.

Do you have a solution? Because at the moment what’s the point… your just complaining.

I’ve created a topic with over 400 views:

I will add that topic to the start of this thread ;)

My solution is to open up beta with a wide net.


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It was a rehash of an old topic though. Good effort but no points for originality. ;-)

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Haha. Still interesting…

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