No more hard pitch change when you set autopilot! Good news!

Hello guys, sorry if its a duplicate topic (thanks search function)

Here you can see a new Laura video where you can see that no more autopilot big pitch change appearing :)
Passengers will not throws up anymore :)


Where do you see her change the autopilot? And this is on the A318, I don’t think it had that problem in IF before…

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Its what Laura says

Oh, you’re right! Woohoo!

Laura says :
You won’t notice it, but this video shows the stability of the transition
from Manual Flight to Autopilot! No pitch changes anymore :) #lifechanger


It’s only the way how and when you set the AP…

If your aircraft is trimmed well, the passengers won’t feel anything…


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I also never struggled with this, infact, it’s best it’s left as it is in my opinion.

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Laura said it’ll be fixed for every aircraft not only for the A318

If you set things properly and hold yoke correctly, there isn’t any issue.

but with some old aircrafts

Auto-trim perhaps?


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