No more free planes?

Hello Everyone!I just want to know why Flying Dev Studios stopped making planes for free?In the latest update you added the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 for $5.In the before update you added the Airbus 18,19,20 each for five dollars.Add planes also for free


Im hoping that the updated 777 will feature the 777-300 (not -300ER) which could be free, and in future the 787-9 will be free too.


Well, I dont think anyone wants to spend a lot of hours of work to get no money out of it


We’ll have more freebies to come soon. As I said, the 777-300, 787-9 and the CRJ-200 (possibly?) will be free. If an aircraft is free, it stays free.


Infinite flight designers spend countless hours designing awesome aircraft and I think that they deserve the money.


You could have those 50 dollars to get live for 1 year, and every single plane and region.

Every time a plane is added it automatically only if you have live+


I’ve spent over $115 dollars on this simulator. The developers definitely deserve it. You do have a point though. Every now and then they should add a free plane for those who do not have live +.


You do have a point there

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A320 family additions were expansions, as they’ve already been represented in the app by the A321 which got completely reworked around the same time.

Essentially IAPs are a way for developers to get revenue so that they can keep the work ongoing; the fact that there are many different planes that are paid n my eyes reflects giving the app users a choice in what experience they invest in. Hence there are fewer planes and regions for free. It doesn’t mean there won’t be more, just means they won’t be as frequent


I also spent way more than needed. But as far as free planes, they Wooton too hard on each plane to just torn around and give it out for free.

I dont want this takin the wrong way, im just curious. Why not just spend the $50 from the get go.

787-9 is already for free,but with one livery and no animated parts or high definition

But it’s being reworked, and will stay free

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I didn’t think about it, besides I got a $20 iTunes card and then 3 months later a $30, and today I got another $30 one

Its their job, if they make planes for free, they don’t make any money and so then can’t continue


There maybe no more free aircraft, but when they rework the 717-200, 737-700, 747-400, A380, Spitfire, P-38, Super Decathlon and CRJ-200, they’ll leave them free.


The money is simply used for development! And trust me it might not always be enough for some of the future updates!I can tell… them working on global needs a lot of cash!If you could sponsor all that then we could get more free planes✌

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To be honest, I don’t mind spending some money on Infinite Flight, because I know how hard the devs work, and how dedicated they are to creating the best flight sim they can.


Right… your source?