No more FF pilot server info

I have noticed since the latest update …l no longer see any pilot or aircraft detail on the free flight server…and the live flight app adjunct only shows specific data on the advanced and playground servers…is that the case with all you who updated as well…and if so will there be a fix to restore that info on the free flight server in the next release or else add it to the live flight app

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I haven’t noticed anything unusual, what do you mean?

When I click the status button for the free flight server…nothing is displayed anymore on the IF server pilot detail…specifically the number of pilots and what regions are active…and the live flight app specifically states it will not include any info from the free flight server…l also have a companion third party app called flight tracker …which used to show it but now it takes so long to calculate and post it’s findings…that by the time it should show it …it is erased…before l updated to the latest IF release this was not a problem…

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I have the same problem anyone know have to fix it.

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The live flight app tells me “No flight tracking is available for the free flight server”. I also wonder why.

Flight tracking was recently disabled on Infinite Flight’s end for the Free Flight server, I’m unsure if it will come back though.

I made LiveFlight show ‘Flight tracking isn’t available on Free Flight Server 1’ because otherwise it would just throw errors and show 0 aircraft. Infinite Tracker on Android will just keep loading and will eventually just return 0 aircraft.

I also noticed this. I tried it again today on ATC Playground and it worked fine.

The only thing I noticed that was unusual was on the IFAO site the Liveflight embed shows only the Ad and the PG

but why have you really shutting down FF server on liveflight? where are the bug for “0 aircrafts”, i think some people want see the intercontinental flights, like i’m doying now

It’s something on the FDS end, not something on the LiveFlight side.

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As @danman said, this is on FDS’s end. I can’t pull down the correct data I need to show this, so it wouldn’t work correctly. Rather than make it look like there’s a problem with LiveFlight, I made it clear it had been disabled :)


@matt Would it be possible to reinstate FF server tracking?