No more airplanes

Hello Guys, with me suddenly only airline names are displayed, no more planes. So all I’m left with is writing. My plane is the only thing i can see on the taxi way. Who knows what that could be? Before, I have been able to see the planes and the call sign.
I’am from Germany, maybe that’s a network problem?
I actually have no connections problems.

Hope for helpful answers…


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Any pictures that you could show us?

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What exactly do you mean?

Do you have “airplane count” on and “Hide Airplane Dots” off? Restart your device if that is the case.

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Hide airplane dots isn’t the problem. He said he was the only one on the taxi way.

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If he is the only airplane on the taxiway, then there is no issue. If there are other airplanes around him, and he can’t see them, there is an issue.


Did you reinstall Infinite Flight? Did you install every aircraft?

Possible solutions:

  • As my fellow comrades said, restart your device.
  • Reinstall Infinite Flight and make sure that you also install all aircraft.
  • Reset your network settings:

Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This also resets Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings that you’ve used before.


Depends on the Android version, here’s a website which covers all of them: Reset Network Settings

If you can’t help then don’t reply. It’s unecessary.


Okay so are there white boxes where the planes would be along with the callsign and username? A common issue is when planes won’t load up unless you are close to them.

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Its unnecessary to get angry at him. It didn’t seem like you helped solve the problem, so don’t get angry at him


Issue should be resolved with Slayer for now. Carry on helping the original poster ;)


I had this issue today. I was next to some devs and mods and I guess they were testing a new GA (or not) aircraft. It was not displayed at all. Just a name tag.

Jerome, when you try to press on airplane on the map, can you see the airplane’s model?

Also try to restart Infinite Flight by closing the app from the command center and then opening again

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I don’t know if this would work but try reseting the chache data and re open the app otherwise double check the setting you have

Make sure all backgrounds apps are closed also if you can clear ram that should hopefully help as others said a quick close and re launch of the app should help

If that is the case same things happens with me. I see the aircraft name and call sign but no aircraft. I thought that aircraft must be ghosted. I only see 10% of the aircraft on map. Even if I’m really close. Like taxing behind.

  1. If the aircraft is ghosted they dissapeer in its entirety no name callsign ETC as if they are not there
  2. Make sure airplane count is very high although if you are taxing right behind it should not be a problem
    3 good internent connection(although OP stated they have no network problems)

I’ve my airplane count set to Max. And yes network may b an issue will look at it. But the airplane shows on map but not on screen. I see only call sign on screen. I see around 30% of airplane on screen. But when controlling the ATC i see all the aircraft.

What device do you use?

I have experienced a similar issue, often at busier airports. I’ve also noticed it in different capacities depending on which device I use (always on a strong connection). From what I’ve been able to figure out, this issue stems from how many aircraft your device is actually capable of rendering in at one time.

Google pixel. I don’t think my device hardware specification should post a problem. It’s pretty good.

I use a Samsung Tab A…