No Moon in moonshot

Yesterday I flew from VTBS to RKSI with Thai airways A359 while flying I saw a beautiful moon and decided to take a moonshot with replay mode once the flight ends and once the flight ended I went to the replay mode to take the shot. the shot should look like this

but the shot came was this one
As I have a infinite flight fanpage in instagram (I’d- if.india) so I took a screenshot too after turning on do not show players dots and name because it was second time happening same with me I didn’t took any chance and took the screen shot too!

So what’s the glich happening and why??


This is probably because the time changed in the replay :)

Try pressing on the “home” button and the “off” button on your device to take a screenshot, it should work that way


This is a known issue that sometimes occurs unfortunately. By taking a screen shot on your device without the built in one you won’t have this issue and the moon will stay there.


Let’s hope so because I just realised it has been 3 times that this glich happened!

Sorry didn’t get you

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what you have to do for a moonshot, is align everything you how you want, go to the time bar, and move it just a little forward, and then back so the moon is behind the aircraft again. When that happens you have to go back and then you can take the moonshot

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When you’re moving the free cam around to get that angle you’re looking for, time doesn’t stop in the game, and as a result, the moon will move positions, and its new position is wherever it has moved to when you hit the screenshot button. What robertine suggests is to take a screenshot without using the in-game button


Okay thanks alot!

As said above, when taking a moonshot the moon will still move as normal, and it takes a bit of time on taking the shot, when waiting for this shot time the moon will go up and down fast then the shot (i guess that’s why), as mentioned, take a screenshot that the moon will be in the angle that you want :)

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