No METARs at most airports

Hello everyone! I just wanted to point out that there is no METAR available at a lot of airports currently. Could you guys please confirm if this issue is just on my end or if you have the same issues.
I have a stable internet connection, using the TAB S7+ and I’m on the latest IF version.

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I beleive there is an ongoing issue with obtaining METARs at the moment… a similar issue was reported here:

Yeah I think so too. The last update was around 14 hours ago though. Would be interesting if there are any updates available now as time has passed.

Does the metar data include the north atlantic tracks? Because i want to fly transatlantic but there is no track on it.

I recommend using, METARS are very reliable for IF on this website

Likewise not seeing the data when running ATC on training server but runways will show proper coloration on the runways in my comma list.

What I do is when you spawn or are at an airport with no metar, follow the wind shown on the hud or the dashboard and see what runway best fits for it

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