No METAR at most airports

On both flights I have done today I noticed that most airports that should have a METAR simply don’t, the little green ball that appears in the middle of the blue icons isn’t there…

Also, the weather from the cruise altitude stays the same all the way down to the airport. I’ve landed at Copenhagen a few hours ago and had 30 knots of headwinds, which was the same I had at cruise altitude (METAR from FR24 said winds were 7 knots). The same happened some minutes ago, when I landed at Athens. Winds were 40kts, also the same as the cruise altitude (METAR from FR24 said winds were 11 gusting 21).

I talked to a friend and he has the same issue, so it’s not something with my device/internet connection only.

Does anyone know what could be happening?

Thanks in advance


That sounds like a live server issue.
Let’s see what the staff got to say about the points you raised. I will keep an eye on this thread.
Thanks for sharing.


This can happen from time to time. Often, it will resolve on its own. Unless there’s a known server issue, there’s really no definitive reason for this.


Same problem here

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Do I have to restart the app?

I know bud, it already happened to me before, but for one flight only, it never stayed there for two flights, that’s what I found weird…

You could give it a shot, but no promises. I hoped in Expert Server just now and aren’t encountering any issues.


When data is obtained from third-party sources, there’s never a guarantee that things will work 100% of the time. I’d suggest waiting it out, but, if it’s really bothersome, a device restart may help. I can’t promise that, though.

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Just hoped into the server and it seems to be fixed

Thanks all!


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