No messages being broadcast on 15000 || Connect API

Hey all,

As you may know Im making an FMC in IF, and I’m trying to access the broadcast on 15000 with the IP data, only problem is that (confirmed through Wireshark) there are no messages being sent to 15000, there are however messages being sent to 49002. I was wondering if anyone had seen this behaviour before, as its blanked me so far.

Not sure what stuff you want as far as code whatnot, give a quick reply and ill add it


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I am also running IFPAX, so the connect api is on.

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Is connect API working for you on IFPAX now?

Yes, I disabled it mid-flight, then toggled it back on, but still no messages. This also meant I had to restart IFPAX, once I did, IFPAX was working normally, same as before I toggled it.

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I was wondering if anyone had further experience with the issue described in this thread. I have seen this behaviour intermittently with an app I am building – I broadcast on UDP on port 15000 but nothing comes back from IF running on the same network. My instinct tells me it is something to do with the network itself – possibly the router. But I really don’t know because the issue is inconsistent.