No Longer Able to Remove Self From PM?

Hey all,
Are we no longer allowed to remove ourselves from a DM thread? I remember at one point being able too, but now I can’t. Like for example, today I was helping someone reach out to the appeals team, and was going to leave the conversation once a staff member joined. However, I was surprised to find that I could not leave the conversation. Did something change?

I thought you could if you were the one that added.


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I think if you made the PM you can’t.


Yeah, when you create a PM, you can’t remove yourself from it.

Ok, I thought at one point you could. Maybe I’m just crazy. Thank you. Maybe you should be able to, if that’s a changeable setting.

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In the next discourse update, you will be able to remove yourself even if you are the PM owner.


Wow that’s actually great to know. How do you find info like that about discourse?

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Because I created that topic? 😅

I couldn’t even tell because of the profile pic lmao🤣. I didn’t know you were on there

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