No localizer on ILS approaches with Boeing aircraft

Can someone please be so kind to explain why when I do an ILS approach with any Boeing aircraft since the new update I only get glide slope but not localizer.


Could you please send us some screenshots of the problem?

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Sure, I will do a short flight right now and take a screen shot when I am on final so you can see what I mean.

Are you tuning in to the ILS correctly? Have a look at this tutorial, in particular the “How to tune into ILS approach” section.

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From my point of view, this is the problem you have.

At the time of April 2020, IF only have live cockpit in the Airbus family.

So when you are tuned onto the ILS, it appears like this

Boeing does not have live cockpit on IF, so there is not localizer nor Glideslope

I suppose you are flying in the HUD, where both Glideslope and localizer appears on all aircraft regardless of their manufacturer

You see the LOC has noticed some important changes since 19.4, now there is a complete circle instead of half of it

Maybe this is not your problem, let us know if not!


Yes I am using the hud as you show on the last picture yet it is only the glide slope that works. I am a little frustrated because I think there is something I am not understanding about this new system and I feel kind of stupid since I have over 7000 hours flight time.

Have you had a look at the tutorial I linked? It’s very comprehensive and explains the new features that have arrived in the latest update. And don’t feel stupid - it’s a completely new way of connecting to the ILS, it just takes some time to get used to. If you have other questions you can always post them here and community members will try to help you out :)

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Have you set the ILS to NAV 1 and selected NAV 1 as the source?


It looks like I finally got it right guys. Thank you very much for your kind support. I appreciate it very much.


I think what you are mentioning is what I needed to know. I think I just got it right for the first time. Thank you so much for your help. See you in the skies.

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All you need to remember is select NAV 1 as the source under “NAV”, once you have set an ILS approach to NAV 1. Hope it continues to work for you 👍

Glad I could help! Happy landings!

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