No localizer in 787 hud in new release?

I just updated to the new release. I like the changes, but where is the localizer in the 787 hud?

Localizer is now only on ILS Approach only, i think you’ve landed on GPS Approach runway ?

I know this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but this may be able to explain some of it:

I’m using 16L at KSEA which is an ILS runway. I’ve selected the runway as NAV1 from the Airport / Runways display. When I activate APPR it works, and I’m seeing the glideslope indicator but no localizer visualization either up-front or in the compass on the HUD. What am I missing here? Added a screen shot on final to illustrate…

Ok i understand what you mean, you have to tap KSEA (Airport dots) and choose Runway tab, and select the runway you want to use and under the choice of runway there is another selection box there, choose NAV1 . Don’t forget to set your Source as NAV1, located above AP

They clearly state that they did.

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What? Sorry my fault, for the next problem I do not understand and have never tried

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Are you on NAV1, not GPS in the NAV system. That’s could be main source of this issue.


Thanks to all.

What I was missing was also setting the ADF1 to NAV1 in the NAV menu.

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