"No Local Flying within __nm" ATIS Remark

Hello Everyone!

I am one who loves realism, don’t get me wrong. And before you continue to read, this ATIS remark would be enforced within IFATC to be used sparingly.

Recently, with busy traffic occurring with the 22.4 update, we radar controllers are once again reminded of the issues we see on the expert server. At airport like KMIA or WSSS, we see other airport which sit within a close proximity of the hub airport. In busy conditions, radar controllers are establishing a flow 50nm out, with with aircraft spawning 20 miles away, it presents a new challenge. In light traffic, no issue, but these local flyers often takeoff, climb at a crazy rate right into the well established arrivals.

We are trained not to report right away unless absolutely needed. When this local flyer contact us, we must deny them, then I try and give a vector if they don’t listen. Sometimes this pilot doesn’t listen, so we begin to warn. All in all, this is a long, frustrating process just to deny someone. It draws our attention away and time and time again we see controllers forget about another crucial part of intercept or other traffic since we now have a serious concern of a separation bust occurring.

How can we fix this?

TFRs take time to establish and honestly aren’t always needed. Traffic conditions might allow local flying one minute then deny them another. And for some, flying light aircraft in local distances or replicating repo flights can be a fun sense of realism. We don’t want to take that experience away. But in times of heavy traffic, we need a way to stop local flying from disrupting a set flow and creating separation hazards with other aircraft. With this being a traffic related issue, I’ve proposed the plan of having a remark available in the ATIS. Pilot would be expected to check the D-ATIS prior to local flying to see if it is allowed and the distance they must be.

What it would look like

First, under the remarks section of ATIS, we would have a button that says “No Local Flying.” In the broadcasted ATIS, it would read “No local flying within __nm.” Then down below, under STARs and SIDs, the controller could set a distance. The options would be 10, 25, 50 or something in that ballpark. The other day, I would have asked my tower controller to add the remark with a distance of 50 due to the issues the airport 20 miles away was presenting.


Luckily, a report function is already available. We’d expect the pilot to check D-ATIS as I mentioned above. With this in mind, controllers can report for “Not following procedures broadcast on ATIS,” a current reportable reason.

Important Points

  1. Practice Flights! As a pilot in training, we tend to depart an airport, do some maneuvers, then come back. This would be accepted and not included in the local flying portion, but doesn’t mean in a busy environment that you will be denied radar patterns if local patterns are also not allowed
  2. Benefiting Pilot Experience. Once a controller has to deal with local flying, your service as a pilot deteriorates. You might experience a bust or see the controller has lost focus on you portion of flight. This remark would help pilots deal with this issue.
  3. Used sparingly. If implemented, I’d like to see a rewrite of the controlling manual. This is only to be used in busy environments when radar is present or has just left and a clear flow is still in place. Supervisors, trainers, and other controllers could help the controllers figure out when this is appropriate.

Please let me know of any feedback or ways we would implement this further! Thanks Y’all.

Fantastic idea! You’ve certainly got my vote, as I completely agree that once you’ve put in the effort to organise and established a flow, having someone taking off from 20NM doesn’t do anyone any good.

Would love to see this implemented in the future.


I’m just going to go free up a vote for this asap!

This is a fantastic idea that would help us a lot!


This is actually a really smart idea! I shall clear a vote for this!


Yes, yes and yes. Just voted. Great suggestion.


This is super important. You’ve got one of my newly relocated votes. :)


Glad to see support so far! Thanks for non-controllers for you’re support as well.

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I love the idea and where your going. But this reminded me that IRL the airspaces around airports have set ceilings and bases, at set distances and directions.

An example, at KMIA the airspace withing 10 nm at all directions is SFC to 7000. At 15nm West is 1500 to 7000. You get the idea. So the perhaps a better request would be to improve the utility of Airspace sections around the airports, making it visible on their map, and make it easier for Pilots to better manage their flight plans around it. And it gives ATC a quality of life update and more tools to their arsenal.

I think this could be a great addition on top of your request above. What do you think?

Edit: And as you said above a TFR would be very tedious and it would kinda be a miss use of the TFR.

Great idea. This would certainly create a better flow for radar controllers and reduce the amount of disruptions. Certainly got my vote!

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I will free up a vote as soon as possible. this is a great idea!

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Amazing idea! I voted :)

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Fantastic idea! Voted!

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amazing idea! you got my vote😉

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This is a superb proposal. This would not only assist controllers in eliminating unnecessary workloads, but would also assist pilots who are unsure about flying from smaller airports which are close to hubs.

I highly encourage my viewers to vote for this feature request.

I can agree to this but at WSSS sometimes private jet from seletar will fly to Changi on special occasion

So if I were to spawn at KSMO your saying I can’t fly? If there is atc and traffic at LAX

Right. And this is something that is a downside to the issue. But since we can see unrealistic traffic levels at times alongside an unorganized ATC system compared to real life where they’re are IFR releases, these flights aren’t filtered for us to manage.


As long as you aren’t flying into KLAX from KSMO, you can fly.

You have my vote 🗳

Stunning Idea got my vote!