No live subscription found

I’m trying to fly online but anytime I try it says “no live subscriptions found”. Any ideas as to what’s going on would be helpful image

Hi @Eben_Nana_Yaw_Junior , have you tried restarting your device and making sure that your subscription hasn’t ended?You could also delete the app and try downloading it again ?..


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Are you sure your subscription didn’t ended yet? Try restoring purchases by clicking on “I already have a subscription”. I hope your problem will get solved as soon as possible.


This happened to me and I just restarted and it started working fine.

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how do you restart the device ?

Well, what device do you have? (iPhone, Android, etc.)

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i have the ipad

Just reboot you iPad , turn it fully off and back on

hold the home button and the power button down at the same time, and keep it there until the apple comes on the screen, then let go, and it debuted your iPad.

Hold town the power button (located on the right side or top) for 10 seconds, then slide to shut down/restart :)

I’m pretty sure my subscription ended …

I have an iPhone 6s

Just did that and still no luck … I guess I have to resubscribe and see if it works

No, no, see if you got a reciept from apple, starting you re subscribed. If not try holding the power button and the home button, for 30 seconds, that should restart it.

Go onto the airplane menu in solo mode and press the “Restore Purchases” button. If that doesn’t fix it, restart your device. After that, maybe try logging out and back in again.

If none of these work, and you know that your subscription shouldn’t have run out, get your receipt from apple (an email sent to you) and talk to apple.

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