No live subscription detected after subscribing

Just bought infinite flight from google playstore And subscribed for one month,when I try to play online it says I don’t have any subscriptions were in fact I just subscribed few minutes ago. It crashes always even I try to play solo. Please someone help me, I dont want to waste my money. I even got a receipt of my purchase.


I would recommend you contact @David through a private message with the receipt. :)


Sir how will i contact him? Sorry im new here.


Click on the username (@david) and you will see a option saying message and then you are all sorted ! Welcome to the community on a side note ! :D

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Hi! Welcome to the community! If you have a concern regarding your Live account subscription, log in errors etc, you are welcome to send a private message to @david with the above details as well as the following 3 items:

  1. Your full user display name (not email please)
  2. Last known call sign
  3. The complete copy of the subscription purchase receipt. Attached or pasted image is fine.

@Joshua_Fleming: I’m pretty sure that new users like @Lyndo_Lao (TL0 users) can’t DM anyone and needs to be promoted manually by a moderator or gain it before. However, I’m sure that David will read this at some point and will PM him.


Yes, there’s no message option when I click @david name. I hope someone can help me. My username is @Lyndo_Lao and dont know what my callsign is. My phone is asus zenfone selfie. image

Are you sure that’s the correct Live user display name? What’s the last call sign used…if you got that far. Should be one even if new.

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