No list of runways for airports

“Step 3
If you have selected which one you want from the list, the information tab is displayed initially. If it was an airport that was selected, additional tabs for weather, runways and procedures will also be available”

there’s no ‘information tab’ list of runways, or ILS fixes.
In fact, very little of the user guide seems to apply to iPad Pros.

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I use Infinite Flight on an iPad Pro and never have issues pulling up airport information. Tap on the circle for an airport on your map screen, then tap the airport name. It’ll pull up a panel with the airport name like this:

On the bottom will be different tabs, each has different info. WX will have the METAR, Rwys will have runway lengths and allow you to tune into a runway’s ILS if the runway has one, and Proc will show you a list of the departure and arrival procedures that you can add to your flight plan. Make sure you tap the circle then the name to pull the window up.


I gewt the list of airports on the right, click on the name (KDEN) but no info tab comes up on the left.

Which list are you trying to tap on? Are you pulling the list up from the search bar from the main menu or from when you have already spawned in? Do you mind attaching a screenshot so I can see what you are trying to do?

Sorry, no screen shot, I’m recharging,IF is a very computationally intense app.
I do it from the airports search bar.
What is 'spawning in, I d/l the ac and am on the ground idling so I can access the map and program my way points and dest airport.
BTW, I’m a retired ATP, years ago, I medical-ed out.

I think the information tab is what first shows up (like airspace class, airport name), so @NYFLFlyer22 is right

Ok, so when you are idling on the ground, enter the airport into your search bar and it pulls up the list on the right. When you tap the airport the map should zoom into whatever airport you tapped. Then on the main map, tap the circle right under the airport code then tap the name that pops up to pull up the information panel.

@Sailor I’m doing a flight right now, but here’s some screenshots from my screen showing what to do:

  1. Tap the airport on the search bar and the map should zoom to it. Using KDEN as an example

  2. When the map gets to the airport, tap the blue circle under the airport code

  3. Then tap the box with the airport’s name on it

  4. And that should give you the info panel

Hope this helps!

thanks for your help. The app refused to connect, then told me I was already logged on, then crashed. Does it do that a lot? X-Plane doesn’t.

rebooted, followed you guide, never got the info tab. I’m on the casual server, is that why?

It doesn’t matter what server you are on - you can even see this information in Solo Mode.

Well,apparently everyone but me. IDK how may ways/times I can say this, but I followed the directions and never get the info screen.

Well, I posted pictures with the exact directions. Only other thing I can say is attach screenshots of what you are trying to do on you’re end, without them I’m out of ideas since I posted exactly what to do to pull up the information panel.

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I really do appreciate your help. Once the iPad charges again I’ll try. The screen shots were helpful, because I was doing the right things, just no joy. I have an email into Sebastian at support.


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