No like button?

I don’t have a like button for some reason. Here is a photo:


Someone like this topic, but I can’t see who when I click on it.

May I ask what topic this is on?

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This has happened on the support, feature requests, meta, group flights, and events category.

If you had a feature request from before the time when likes were removed for that category, they’ll still show.

The other topics, I’m not too sure about.


You are unable to like on all the categories you mentioned besides #meta and #live:events

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Do you mind expanding the screenshot from the OP so that we can see the whole picture?

Maybe you reached your day limit?

Can you like this post or other ones in this topic? Well start there, I can like any of the posts here so it’s clearly not a system issue if you can’t. If you can could you link us to the/a topic where you can’t?

Sorry, I was in class. Here is the full screenshot:

It maybe cause the topic is closed

The topic is open and I was able to reply to it.

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Yes that would be the old liking ability on feature requests from a while back.


Ah ok. Thanks.

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