No Lights on Other Aircraft

I’ve been noticing something recently that I haven’t noticed before. When I’m on multiplayer, some aircraft won’t have lights on. I’m sure they do on their screen but not mine. Some aircraft have lights on. What’s going on and how can I fix it? Thanks!

-Trey Weger

They probably just forgot it, I have seen people without lights before too :)

Well… your lights should still be on regardless…

How far are the aircraft without lights in regards to your aircraft?

true nvm then

Well some are farther away, like landing and such but some are right next to me. Yesterday, a plane taxied right next to me and didn’t have beacon or nav lights on

It’s just that it has happened a lot lately and it’s a lot of aircraft that I’ve noticed and I’ve been flying on expert so people should know to use lights

Aircraft are rendered differently when they are further away but usually the affects aren’t to be seen and it’s made so they aren’t. Lights are one of those things I believe that get eliminated when aircraft are further away. The person next to you may of had their lights off.

Ok. Thank you!

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