No Light Aircraft at this time

Hello everyone,

Can someone help me understand why light aircraft are not allowed to operate at some airports sometimes, I was attempting to fly out of LAX to Imperial county with the Cessna 208, which in real life is a flight that operates out of LAX daily, I really wanted to do this flight but ended flight to avoid getting reported.

Expert Server.

The airport could have been really busy at the time, and the Cessna 208 caravan is pretty small for heavy traffic near airports.

208 isn’t a light. We’ll address it with the controller. Sorry for any inconvenience!


I didn’t even know that! I thought for sure it was a light aircraft… good to know I guess!

Thank you much, I really appreciate it.

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Also including “no light aircraft” in ATIS is not traffic dependent, so if you see that it’s controller error. Controllers are allowed to temporarily deny aircraft at any time though.


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