No light aircraft accepted

I know this issue gets raises from time to time, but I’ve yet to see a satisfactory answer.

Could someone clarify why “no light aircraft” is included in the ATIS almost all the time at US class B airports in IF?

As a case in point - there are currently 3 aircraft inbound to KBOS and one or two on the ground, and yet…remarks, no light aircraft accepted at this time.

Thanks, and looking forward to the explanation.

Hey there!

The “no light aircraft” note in the ATIS means the C172, SR22, XCub, Spitfire Mk VIII and P38 are not accepted at the airport and they must divert. The primary reason it’s present in the ATIS of nearly every Class B airport is because there’s usually no GA stands to accommodate them, as they’re designed to handle bigger aircraft.

Hope this answered your question!


Maybe reading this answer might help you understand a bit:

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I appreciate the quick answers, but I’m clear on what a light aircraft is.

My concern is that light aircraft can and do land at many class B airports IRL, controller workload depending. In IF, adding no light aircraft allowed in the ATIS seems like a knee jerk reaction rather than being dependent on actual traffic levels.

This statement is incorrect. TBM930, C208, and C750 all count as GA, but not light aircraft. As long as your GA aircraft doesn’t classify as a light, fly it.

This is also wrong. F18 is not a light aircraft.

The correct list has already been provided by @AviatorAlex and @I_Ride_Southwest; repeating what they said for the third time with added errors helps no one. If it’s been answered, move it along.


It also has to do with the speed of light aircraft compared with the speed of big airliners. It’s like a guy on a bike on a public road with cars.

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That’s because for a lot of people, it is. Light aircraft = pain to work, therefore ban. I agree that it’s unfortunate that things are like this, but us leadership team will try to encourage more acceptance of light A/C moving forward.

Know that, however, discretion is still in the hands of the controller, and if they’re not comfortable handling lights, they’ll likely deny it.


I would greatly appreciate that!

I fully appreciate that many times it isn’t possible due to controller workload, but I’ve observed many times that there appear to be very few aircraft inbound or on the ground when this remark is present.

I enjoy flying small GA planes and while landing at class B airports in real life may be comparatively rare, the point of multiplayer in IF is to be able to interact with other users.


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