“No light aircraft accepted at this time.”

Hi Callaa, that was not me. When ATIS say no light aircraft, I power down and leave and hunt for another airport. But I’d rather not. Happy to patiently wait my turn, just like IRL. ATC has turn by turn taxi authority too, which I’m happy to follow in order to give the “big boys” prior to get to the assigned runway.


General rule is that if an aircraft cannot sustain 160kts till 4 mile final then it wouldnt be accepted at a major airport.

Alao helps you should consider what is ‘light’ e.g. the TBM and Cessna 208 are NOT light.

Ive had times at KSAN or others that accept both GA and airlines, where i am willing to hold or wait for a big enough break in traffic to where i can fly in without disrupting traffic.

I even contact the controller on the IFC ahead of time asking for permission and a possible time that i can arrive, while letting them know that i am willing to wait (i usually keep the 172 full when i fly for this very reason)

I do somewhat agree. I would absolutely LOVE to fly into somewhere like LAX with a 172 surrounded by big jets with ATC, BUT… I think in IF especially, there would be more GA traffic than irl. Perhaps put like an arrivals minimum? For example; if ATL has 35 arrivals, then no GA traffic allowed, but if it’s under then the “no light aircraft” feature could be disabled. I also believe this could add an extra bit of fun for the controllers. idk, that’s just my thought.

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A public airport is a public airport. Is there really an instance in which the FAA would prohibit aircraft based on type? I’d love a real world example in this case. Obviously some airports carry hefty landing fees, but saying GA traffic can’t sequence seems to me like a poor excuse for lack of experience in terminal control.

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I had the same topic a few months ago, I fly TBM-930 since then. A wonderful aircraft to fly.
I found the restriction ‘no pattern work’ a real nuisance too, especially at airports with hardly any traffic. However I must admit (as an ATC observer on the training server) it is demanding for ATC if you want to do it right. But there are always some airports with ATC that are most willing to control light aircrafts doing pattern work.
It would be great to have a group for GA as IF is rather dominated by all the big jets. Other sims have far more detailled scenery round airports for instance which is nice for VFR.



The airports xomes with some kind of restriction.
Like a busy airprot like EGLL. doesn’t cater Light Aircrafts and many Airports like KSAN accepts the GA.
Therebare several airports which do not have to capacity to have wide body jets even.
An IFATC fontroller always wrokbas per the details of the airport which arw peovided to them.


Like i said, its happened at airports like KSAN… even when it just opened and im one of the first ones there… thats the point we are making


I’ve flown a Cessna citation to KLAS (an airport with quite a lot of GA and FBO stands) and be told to divert

So then there is no reason being denied service in an F-22

There is when they fly like they think their name is Maverick… no need to for that typa hsti on the expert server

I just fly normally in the F22 at airpots

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