“No light aircraft accepted at this time.”

Hi all,
I would like to request that ATC stop using this prohibition broadly and universally. It is very discouraging. After working hard to earn the IF hours, low violations, and general XP necessary to get to levels 3 and 4+ it seems unfair to be told you can’t fly out from or into a controlled airport. Flying with ATC is what makes IF multiplayer by definition (and more fun). Is this really necessary? ATC has the ability to reprimand or remove players who are a danger or disruption to the sim. Use that control instead of a broad ban on GA flyers. Just saying.

If there was ATC setup at non Class B airports then this wouldn’t be a problem; but ATC seems to mostly be at Class B so if I want ATC, I have to fly in/out of Class B. Please let those of us with the grade and XP navigate at all the airports, dismiss the disrupters and let us all enjoy and learn how to handle busy airports. Thanks.


look your not going to see a C-172 flying into LAX or JFK at peak times, at other class B airports that have GA could not have that restriction on them.


We have that command for a reason. It is a pain to have a 172 in the middle of heavy jets that can outfly the 172. I get if it’s a class C or D airspace but not a major class B airport. It’s not really realistic it it disrupts the traffic flow a lot.


I’m sorry to hear that you feel like ATC abuses of restricting light aircrafts. The current guidelines for using this remark per the ATC manual is quoted below; note that controllers are encourage to allow light aircrafts in airports that allow them IRL, so as others mentioned before, having large airports with lights coming in and out is not realistic nor helps the controller with traffic management.

Personally, I like to accept them regardless of the airport class but rather focusing on the traffic load I have at the moment. If I feel like having a C172 between my departures or arrivals would reduce the quality of my service, I’m not going to hesitate to deny light aircrafts at this time; once the wave or traffic has decreased, I see no reason to allow them back.

“This command must not be used at GA focused airports but can be used at the Controller’s discretion at any other airport based on airport accommodations (such as GA parking and airport layout), current traffic, and airport staffing. Controllers should make every attempt to accept light* aircraft at airports which accept them IRL.”


To put what is said above into context, a C172 has an approach speed of 80-60 knots while most passenger planes have approach speeds of 170-130knts. I hope this helps you understand why light aircraft are commonly excluded from busy class B airports.

There are days on the ATC schedule that feature GA airports to accommodate for this, but seeing as the most trafficked areas are class B airports, controllers tend to open there.

A good work around us to fly the tbm930. This aircraft is not a light aircraft meaning it is a perfect plane to fly into bravos.


I only support this at airports that accept both GA and airliners (KSAN for example)

Yes, its happened to me before

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Thank you. This is really my point. ATIS general bans on light aircraft bypass a controllers obligation to make efforts to accept GA. In real world situations I would not fly into EWR at peak time but would shuttle around Class Cs (several). Because this is a sim, I don’t really have that option.

There are plenty of multi runway airports that a good controller can manage both GA and non-light aircraft simultaneously. Instructing patterns and 360’s for space. I do this on trainer platform regularly. I would hope the ATC’s can view it as a challenge and realize that you are helping administer the sim for everyone. Isn’t that the idea?


Right. Totally agree. Here though we don’t have enough ATC members so the GA / Airliner airports can be open. We have about 3 to 5 controlled airports open it seems most days except for special ones. Appreciate your response. I’m just hoping some ATC will think twice before blanket banning light aircraft or pattern work when it is not necessary.

Either that, or maybe more ATC can service airports that support GA; or add class C to the repertoire!

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May you give me a few examples of airports where light aircraft have been rejected as well as the traffic load? This could help me explain the reasoning or figure out if we need to clarify the usage of it in the ATIS for the team

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Thank you. I like the idea of going with the Tbm. Good workaround (except when an ATC adds “no pattern work”) ;)

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Hi Drummer, thanks. I will. Not trying to make trouble here and hope everyone gets it. I personally really appreciate all the ATCs hard work and dedication.

It was just a little discouraging tonight when I came on and again the first two airports I tried has ATIS statements including No Light Aircraft. — it’s like the 3rd time in my last three logins when I got that. I was going to run thought the 5 stations that were open tonight and list out the other three but the third I tried didn’t restrict so I flew there.

I can post examples if I run into it again. I totally understand there’s a time and place for “no light aircraft’ or “no pattern work” but it just seemed lately it was becoming a standard-practice at most of the controlled airports. Thanks for your response.

Don’t worry. We value feedback from the community as we want to give the best service possible.

Which airports tonight ended up denying you? Hopefully I can shine a bit of light on the incidents


Have you tried TBM or C208? these little birds are not considered Light Aircraft in IF. So you can fly them in/out of the airports with " No Light Accepted at this time" in the ATIS

I think I saw someone else report the same issue in a thread a few days earlier as well. Its the 2nd or 3rd time i’ve seen someone say this, so I think its not just them who have had the problem

I have seen this in effect at Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport, which is wrong as I have physically seen IRL a cargo 747 waiting for a C172 to take off while getting a bus from one terminal to another. Although it was a few years ago, before COVID, but I am sure Manila still accepts light aircraft

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Were you perhaps at EGKK yesterday? I remember controlling ground and seeing a c172 in the extremely long hold short line and gave them a “no light aircraft accepted at this time.” I wasn’t the one operating the atis, I was simply following it. If I had atis, I would not allow light aircraft because it was really busy.

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Gatwick doesn’t like light aircraft:

1300 jeez
What’s the context behind it?

Get off my lawn. But seriously, if it disrupts their main revenue stream which is likely the commercial service, that’s the likely reason for that charge. In retrospect, a similar issue applies to IF, controllers are striving to provide the best service possible with the given airport features and the traffic load.


Yeah, I think there are some cases where GA should not be off like at Chicago midway but a Cessna at LA could be a bit anoying for other planes in busy times