No left turns from ATC during my flight plan

Slightly confused on route to Humberto Delgado Airport. Told no left turns, by ATC, but I was following my flight plan. What did I do wrong?

You recieved a level 2/3 violation correct?

If so, direct message the controller to understand what you did wrong (available through your replay) and if you feel it was unfair, feel free to challenge it through the @appeals process.

Yes level 3

Unfortunately I’ve deleted reply

Thats unfortunate.

Some advice i can give you is whenever ATC gives you instructions; for example, fly heading 260, reduce speed 200. You must disregard your flight plan and follow the controllers instructions.

They can see your flight plan, and need to adjust your route to the airport to sequence you into the pattern to land. Plus they change the speed so it matches with the other aircraft so you dont run into them.


I wasn’t given a different flight heading. Only this no left turns. Anyway I’ve only 7 days, then back to expert. Never had this type of instruction

Was it a holding pattern?

No holding pattern

Unfortunately not much can be done w/o the replay. That is certainly a weird command, if you were coming from the west it shouldn’t matter but if you were coming from the east you’d have to make a right 270 to intercept? Honestly seems like a weird command. Why did you delete the replay?

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Thought at the time, why keep it. I’ll learn the next time

Yeah, if you recieve another violation dont delete the replay until you know for sure if you want to appeal it or not.

Ok thanks, I’ll give it a go👍😀🇬🇧

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Without a replay there is no chance of getting your vioation overturned.

Yes my big mistake

It’s a fatal mistake to delete the replay after you received a 2/3 violation for the appeal process purposes. However assuming your replay file is corrupted, the only way is to contact the controller direct and see if from his replay on ATC there’s an error made but that’s down to the controller.
You were not too far from me behind so I know who the APPR controller is at the time.

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I believe it’s a chap @JAR.

If you have your replay. Can you see where it says” No left turns “ the instructions I was receiving?

I’m Speedbird 469

I’ll have a look now

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