Hi, I’m just en-route from KSFO to KLAS and I was in the process of planning my initial approach, but I can’t find the LAS VORTAC. Is this just an issue for me or is it just not in the game? When I search for LAS in the search bar it isn’t turning up either.

Interesting, I don’t see the VOR either. I still see it on ForeFlight and SkyVector so it doesn’t look like it’s been decommissioned IRL.

Yeah exactly, checked it out on SkyVector and ChartFox too, and kinda really need it for the 01L approach. Any idea who we contact about this?

Posting this in the support category was the best thing to do. It’ll get looked at.

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Hey! I was able to find/use the LAS navaid using the method I explained in this post:

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Oh wait, terrific. Thank you.

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