No landing with low visibility

I was approaching Bologna today and there was low visibility. The fog didn’t come until I exited the runway. i know that this is a known issue but I don’t understand why it hasn’t been fixed yet. Is there anything I can do to help with this issue?

Not much you can do. Just wait for our awesome devs to fix it. It isn’t as easy as it sounds. IF is not catered to you after all. Maybe the devs have different priorities than you…

Then this doesn’t need to be in #support… Maybe in #general.

No, unless you are god or a dev.

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Check this post out:

It’s a known issue! And being fixed! :)

But why does it take so long for this issue to be fixed?

If you took the time to read that post, Levet said it’s being investigated, which means they still needed to find the problem, then they can fix it. That can take time. Have some patience.

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It’s probably is going to be fix in 20.1! So just wait patience is key! 🙂

If you know that it is a known issue that is being fixed, why do you have the audacity to make a support post about it, and then demand that it be fixed immediately because you now want it fixed too.
No sense asking a question if you already know the answer for it.