no landing gear on landing

okay so for the last few days I’ve been practicing landings but when I went to external view the wheels showed up but not the flaps and the rest of the gear and I had to retract the gear and they disappeared into thin air… but when I put the gear back down it went back to normal so can any of you fellow pilots tell what happened?

I was in almost every plane with retractible landing gear BTW

To resolve your issue, please try the following steps:

  • Relaunch Infinite Flight (make sure you stop it from running in the background first)
  • Before starting a new flight, Go to Settings —> General —> Tap “Clear scenery cache”. It’s in the bottom.
  • Start a flight (try on Solo first)

If it helped please let me know! :D

Eheermemm… ;)

@Johnathan_Kwiatkowsk - if this is happening during replay on Solo, this is known issue.


Yea it was on solo thanks you all for the tips!

@Mell_Ijzerman , Just for future reference, clearing the “Scenery Cache” only helps with scenery related issues, such as falling through the ground. Not for aircraft model related issues. I would refrain from advising to use this for non-scenery related issues

@Johnathan_Kwiatkowsk I have had this problem too, but there is nothing currently to permanently fix it. It may be fixed with a future update.

okay thanks I’ll do that after school! :D

In particular do what what? Clearing the Scenery Cache? Because that will not fix it

Here’s the only fix for now:

Don’t mess around with the replay during gear animations :)


oh then what will ; (

alright… I’ll work on my takeoffs for now

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you can close this now thanks! :D