No landing credits for Touch and Goes

I just realized For the last few weeks I’ve been doing T&Gs but the numbers are not being added to my log book. Actually, I’m losing ground. I did 6 T&G this morning and the numbers went back wards!
I’m usually at a level 5 but now I’m over 50 landings behind. Please help me.

Thank you.


I’ve noticed this too. I’m trying to rack up my landings so I can advance.

Don’t they drop off after a certain amount of days?

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@beachboy0910 see here @Brianj2859 yes) Landings are recorded in a 90 day cycle - imagine you land 2 times every day for 90 days, you’ll have 180 landings, but then you start only landing once a day. 2 are subtracted because they are now further than 90 days away and 1 is added, meaning you lose 1 landing. Presumably you did lots and lots of T&G’s about 3 months ago


Landings are also recorded for when you fully stop.

No touch and goes do count Source

I don’t trust you seb 👀 just kidding don’t suspend me


You’re right. I can be your source. Lol.


I don’t see how I can do over 30 T&Gs over just the last few days and actually go backwards due to the the shelf life of my previous landings. I’ve been doing IF for over 3 years and at level 5 for almost 2 years.

Weird. Maybe you did an insane amount of T&Gs ages ago?

I don’t know. Maybe your right. Just hasn’t made sense to knock out 10 T&Gs. Land. Sign off and see that I went backwards.
Sign back on a few hours later. Do another 8 to 10 T&Gs. Sign off and see that I went backwards even further.

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You keep talking about going backward. The only landings that can go “backward” are landings last 90 days. It’s a rolling timeframe. If you did 89 landings 90 days ago and 1 today, none in between, when you wake up tomorrow, your count will be 1. That’s how rolling time frames work.

If you’ve been 5 for 2 years but took 3 months off, or even 2 months, that number is going to decline as each of the landings day 91 on back drops off. That’s just how it works.