No landing clearance

Hello IFC,

So, I was wondering. Realistically, at what point should you initiate a go around if you have not received a landing clearance. For the sake of discussion, let’s assume the controller has gotten busy with something else and therefore, did not give you a landing clearance or a go around command.
Would it be just when you are certain you are not going to get the clearsnce?
Or at the DH/MDA? Or at some other time.
Like I said, I’m trying for the upmost realism, but open to IF adaptations too, of course!


I would report final if no response by the time you hit minimums you should go around


Thanks! Good, because that’s exactly what I would usually do! Thank you!

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no problem :)

I would wait under the GPSW calls out 200 and then initiate a go around and announce it. Alternatively you could resend your inbound message a little earlier.

Please within IF do not resend your inbound message. Just report your position if you haven’t been cleared after a while


You would wait till you need to go-around to not be landing. Or if you see a (traffic) conflict, you go-around as soon as you feel uncomfortable with the distance remaining.

You can report on final (keep in mind that it’s implemented in the game for a different purpose) or you can just Land, and remind the controller after you finish the flight.
Anyways I feel like this is really rare and I don’t think it’ll happen that much anyways.
(Assuming that this is on expert)

There is a lot of misinformation above so I’m going to provide you the right answer.

If the controller doesn’t clear someone to land, then that is on them for not clearing them. You cannot ghost someone for landing as they were expecting a clearance. The aircraft flying however should go around as it should be in their best interests to make sure they land with a clearance.

If the controller tells the pilot to go around and they don’t, then it becomes a ghostable offense.


There’s a better explanation, my wording wasn’t the best. Thanks Chris.

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I don’t think expecting a clearance is a good enough excuse to land regardless. If you’re not cleared to land you simply don’t land :)

I initiate a GA if I get to MDA and I haven’t received clearance

I was simply stating that it was not a ghostable offense. Do I think you should land without a clearance? No. However sometimes people don’t even realize that they were not given a clearance and will therefore land. Which is why controllers are unable to ghost for that.

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Ah I understand what you meant, apologies!

That may end up in a ghosting.

@thenewpilot Just go around if you haven’t gotten a clearance. It’s good airmenship to do that. Especially if something isn’t right.

of course its good airmenship. I’m just saying that landing without landing clearance can result in a ghosting/Level 2 violation for OP.

No, its not ghostable, but you shouldn’t do it too…

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