No jetways at KLAX

There are no visible jetways at KLAX.
iPod touch 6th gen
Latest version – a318/319 update

They were removed as requested by Philippe. There will be no more jetways as of now.

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Thank you @Swang007

I can’t believe it!!

This is not a bug, jetways were removed. It was decided that 2D airport layouts simply don’t have any 3D markings on them. If there were no outlines of jetways in real life, they won’t be in Infinite Flight. Please report any other airports that still have jetways; they need to be removed ASAP.

Ok. Ontario international still have them.

According to GitHub, @Kilt_McHaggis redid that one last. Can you remove these, Kilt?

Why? They were brilliant!😟

Right I’m gonna fly to that airport! 😀

I think EGBB

What do u mean by jet ways. Sorry I get really confused can someone post a photo

Jetways are the extensions that come out of the terminal that help board and disembark passengers from aircraft. I’m sure you’ve walked through one getting on a flight.

I caught KONT last night. It has now been ‘cleansed’

Why is removed @Swang007

I liked them there though;(

Yes a lot of people did, but they had to be taken away because of added features that will come in the future.