No jetbriges at some airports

Hello infinite flight when I updated infinite flight to 22.4 I saw some airports had no jetbriges this one is at PHX term4 AAL gates

What gate is this?

I think it’s the A gates, since I’m pretty sure you’re currently spawned there. I just spawned in, there are jetbridges.

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After spawning into the area which you specified above at KPHX, I was unable to replicate your issue where the jet bridges wouldn’t spawn in.

Have you tried clearing your scenery cache?

Adding on to this ^

I believe this is an issue that has occurred before today. I would recommend leaving the server, and reloading into the gate - it seems to work for others. If this does not show any change, I would recommend deleting the app and reinstalling the application, followed by clearing your scenery cache.

Don’t hesitate to shoot a reply here if none of those recommendations work. :)

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That worked thank you.